5 June 2019

Amalfi Coast Recipes


I remember that I was a child and always in love with the rhythm Artistic Dance,
Flipped and vertical somersaults were my obsession. I remember that my mother struggled to make meals because I was always in a hyper-movement and happy. I remember “La Carne in padella con Aglio, Prezzemolo e Olio” “The Steak in the pan with Parsley and Garlic”, my second favorite dish that my mother placed on the floor while I was standing upright on mine.
I remember the patience with which she took care of us through food something she still does and I’m still grateful for like that. If we love Italian we do it like that at the table or in this case on the floor. AHHA

I dedicate this Section of My Blog to my mum who taught me the joy of cooking and loving the food that is more a cultural attitude than a simple need, showing you the importance of food in our culture.
I have a single view of the food in my life, food is life and all humans need it.

My mum means food for me, like something that everyone needs for living but then made with love It’s even better and makes you happy and complete.