Apulia Puglia

The Puglia Apulia for the foreign, is one of the best regions for destination weddings in Italy, if you prefer a well-organized wedding a lot of space, a location with a predominance of white color. Well, Apulia suits perfectly for you. In fact, many of the most important Villages in Puglia, Bari, and Brindisi, Martina Franca, Lecce, and The Masserie  The typical Farm Trulli are the perfect location for weddings in Puglia.

Apulia Puglia Wedding Photographer

Apulia as the foreign calls It and Puglia for the Italians are becoming as Cilento one of the most attractive Location for getting married in Italy.

Location for numerous Exclusive and VIP Wedding Apulia is becoming famous and popular.

What really makes Apulia, so special are the landscapes and the amazing Masseria restored around 10 years ago.

Them Minimalism chic simply but also extremely fashion building are for the most made by a local stone that in our case makes the photos extremely lightly and chic.

The local production of Olive plants also makes the Puglia really unique itself.

What should you prefer making Apulia as Destination Wedding Location?

We as Wedding expert thinks that Apulia is amazing not only for the Wedding Location but also for this mixture of local folk and the food that is extremely testing.

What is the most Popular Location where to get Married in Apulia?

There numerous Masseria but also Hotels for organizing yr Wedding. We made a short list:

Masseria Salamina

Masseria Cimino

Masseria Dei Potenti

Masseria Egniazia