Capri Wedding

CAPRI, the muse of numerous director since the beginning of the story of the cinema, is one of the most spectacular Wedding Location in Amalfi Coast.

Capri is a Vulcan Island, (that nobody knows I DO, because I have a degree in Academy fine art) connect under the see with Naples.

Capri is FABULOUS and as the rest of the Amalfi Coast became really fashion and glamour.

From Capri comes a lot of trendy fashion model.

The basket bag, the sandal, the Capri pants, and the lemon dress.

Location as the rest of Amalfi of numerous Popular people like Cristina Cordula that chose Francese Photography as a photographer (US).

Why should you choose Capri for your Destination Wedding?

Because you will keep in the heart forever. Because Capri is a connect of folk culture and History but in a modern way.

Because Capri is unique.

What is the best Wedding Location to get Married in Capri?

All the Hotels in Capri from the 3 stars to five stars in Capri are simply amazing. We made a small selection for you, according to us, here following:

Il Riccio


Lido del Faro

Villa Lysis

Gardens of Augustus

JK Place Capri

Capri Palace

Hotel Caesar Augustus

Villa San Michele