Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony Wedding in Italy

Traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony in Italy , an important moment of a Chinese wedding is the Tea Ceremony.
We assist many Chinese couple that are planned two ceremonies , for example a civil union and then they want to live an important moment in their Chinese tradition the Tea Ceremony.
Once the Tea Ceremony took place In this moment bride and groom offer Chinese tea to their parents as a symbol of respect and gratitude.
Ceremony is really full of rituals and symbols.
Infact , in traditional Chinese society, members of the younger generation show their respect to members of the older generation by offering a cup of tea.
It ‘s a really emotional moment, very moving if you think about the symbology it has.
The Traditional Chinese Ceremony the bride and groom show gratitude and celebrate the wedding.
In the traditional Chinese Tea Ceremony, On some occasions, the bride serves the groom’s family, and the groom serves the bride’s family. This process symbolizes the joining together of the two families.