Wedding Location Amalfi Coast Italy

Amalfi Coast is offering an amazing scenary for your wedding day . Amalfi Coast is the place where the ocean is meet the mountains  and create a scenary dramatically beauty .

Amalfi Coast is famous in the world for the view , the colors , the parfumes , for the Mediterranean flowers and vegetation .

An secret Mediterranean garden is cherished in the heart of a Luxury Hotel and should be the perfect set for your symbolic wedding in Amalfi. A special attention is reserved for the guests of the Hotels or for the couple that are get merried in Amalfi : the privacy is very important here.

The Amalfi Cathedral predominates In the Central Square, there are so many tipical beautiful coffee bar and pastry shops where you can taste a delicious coffee seated in the main square and live an unforgettable experience, You Should taste the real italian coffee and the tipical ice cream or limoncello, you will feel like living in a past epoch , to return to the twenty years, here it seems nothing changed in this small village nestling on the coast It ‘sa timeless beauty.

The Cathedral of Amalfi “Sant ‘Andrea Church” is of an stunning beauty it’s overlooking the Central Square of Amalfi.

Behind the Cathedral there is a Cloister whit a beautiful garden where the newly wedding couple can take wonderful pictures after the wedding.

Amalfi is an ancient Town, Rich in history. In the past the Luxury hotels sono stati Monastery or in private Residence that in the years are changed owner and sono stati renewed creating Luxury Hotels.

The Hotels are telling the story of the city over the centuries and the town’s transformation.

Behind the Cathedral of Amalfi there is a very nice and large room where you can have the Amalfi civil marriage.

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