Wedding Location Apulia Puglia Italy


The Puglia or Apulia region is located in the deep south of Italy , in the last years many couples are choosing to get married in Apulia .

Get married in Apulia it  become a new trend since this amazing region was discovered from the famous singer Justin Timberlake as his wedding Location it was in one of the most beautiful Masseria in Apulia . So Apulia it consecrated the destinations for celebrities from around the world to getting married in Italy

Get married in typical Apulia Masseria (old villa):

The wedding in Apulia it will be a very romantic and glamours event , imagine your wedding in a beautiful renewed “Masseria ” located just close to the beach .

The “Masseria” is a  typical Apulian farmhouse completely renewed Apulia is rich of so many stunning Masseria .

Completely renovated the “Masseria ” is usually surrounded by the olive groves and overlooking the Mediterranean sea .

Puglia is very famous for its centuries-old olive trees, in the past the olive oil production took place in the Masseria but today this amazing structures are completely renewed are now beautiful SPA ready to welcome tourists and young couples who want to marry in.

Some Masseria have also the small typical Church inside the structure where to celebrate the Catholic wedding .

If you’ve always dreamed of a “Beach Wedding” in an stunning Location or a wedding in beautiful your dream can be come true , the masseria’s private beach will be at your disposal for a beach wedding.

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